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Welcome in Yvoir

Yvoir, daughter of the Haute-Meuse, is laden with history, with craft culture and local heritage. It has all the picturesque charm
and welcoming virtues which flourish amid the gentle atmosphere of the Meuse.

Pretty villages often with evocative names, scattered amongst cultivated fields and verdant pastures, an idyllic country setting guaranteed to enchant lovers of nature and the great outdoors.

There's Spontin, with its mineral springs,  old water mill and outstanding feudal castle;

Purnode, with the Bocq brewery and its wide variety of old-fashioned farmhouse-style ales,

Godinne with its priory, church, old farm,

Mont and the Trou Bernard for potholing enthusiasts;

Dorinne, Durnal and Evrehailles, with beautiful stone houses and Houx, overlooked by the Poilvache castle ruins,
amazing 13th & 14th-century medieval fortress, the biggest in the Meuse valley;

and of course Yvoir itself, an old Meuse industrial town where stone quarrying and processing (sandstone and blue stone) took over from iron working, for which it had always been an important centre, from the Gaulish era to the end of the 19th century